Motivation in a few minutes - is it possible?

Everything is based on research by Professor Deci and others. We replace myths about motivation for knowledge about the prerequisites for positive inner motivation and how we can increase them in our own lives and in the workplace. What is motivation, and do you know how it works? Are you motivated? If so, for what? Are there even very many different types of motivation? Is it also that it works differently for different people? That discrimination, harassment and exclusion affect motivation we can understand but how and what can we do about it? Sometimes this lecture is combined with it about master suppression techniques. The lecture provides some simple tools for both the individual, the group and the leader.
Depending on the time scope, we may have shorter or longer elements of reflection and own work or group work. All content is always adapted based on the group's current situation and the client's goals with the assignment.
The important is the group's common reflections and experiences. How do we create a good working environment? To capture the interests of the participants through everyday examples linked to their reality will be prioritized in the layout, therefore pre meetings with the client is essential.

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