Introducing yourself is a challenge! That's why I asked colleagues, friends and customers for help. Here you can read what they wrote and freely pick from the material for invitations and presentations.

Charlotte Signahl is a valued lecturer who dares to use humor, love and facts, to give you as an audience, inspiration and courage to realize that responsibility and opportunities for solutions lie with us all. Charlotte is hired both by workplaces that have major challenges, conflicts and workplaces where there is mainly some energy and laughter needed for the motivation to increase and the work for a more inclusive workplace should take off again.

Charlotte has trained and lectured in the area of motivational psychology, human rights, diversity and discrimination since the end of the 1990s. Charlotte is most interested in why we humans behave as we do and how we can meet the behavior of others and perhaps change our own when needed.

Charlotte has a solid commitment to human rights that is expressed in voluntary involvement on several levels and dimensions and which has always been there. At a young age, Charlotte was the federal president of the Red Cross Youth Association and her work in the Red Cross movement is still an important part of her involvement.

Charlotte meets, sees and stretches out a hand to all kinds of people. To those who have just come to Sweden, to those who have lived their entire lives in Sweden but who fight against addiction or loneliness, to those who fall into the grip of authorities, to those who need someone to lean on or to those who need help to get out of relationships and contexts that are dangerous and violent.

This force which is Charlotte's signature, to see every person and meet her where she is without judging, makes Charlotte a unique inspiration and motivational lecturer. Together with her knowledge of psychology, theology, sociology, gender, human rights and history, she also creates lectures with a depth and knowledge width that makes it penetrate you as an audience in a permanent way. Listening to Charlotte Signahl gives many laughs, but above all, it gives insights that make you hopeful and makes you realize your own significance.

Since the inquiries became so many and also in areas that Charlotte did not master, she started Inclusion Academy together with Ergin Özdemir in 2016.

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Charlotte is an entrepreneur and also develops computer games because it is fun to play, because it is possible to teach techniques to increase their motivation and reduce their stress through high quality games for different types of platforms. The games are based on contextual behavioral science, ACT and DNA-V.

Charlotte is also a trained meditation teacher and supervisor in ACT. ACT is an acronym for Acceptance and Commitment ¬ Therapy and is pronounced as the English "act". It is a form of therapy but can also be used in, for example, the working life as a preventive measure of stress and mental illness in different contexts.

Otherwise she loves to cook, eat food, go on a flea market, stay at a hotel, Coco Chanel, Frida Kahlo, listen to Billy Holiday and Edith Piaf, go to stand up performances, read and read again.

Some conditions

The lectures are available as 45-minute variations or up to a full day. We often focus more on one of the parts depending on the group's needs. All lectures are designed together with the client to end up where the need is greatest. The starting point is taken in your established documents and wishes.

The better the practical conditions, the better the results, so be sure to have a sound engineer in place.


  • Projector
  • Audio cable for computer
  • Headset
  • Microphone (so the audience hears)
  • Hearing loop if any of the participants need it
  • Access to the lecture room at least one hour before
  • The program and the invitation that the participants have received
  • Telephone contact before, preferably in good time and then close in on the assignment
  • Documents that may be of interest such as core values, personnel policy, etc.
  • Telephone number to the responsible person in place