Diversity – Difficult but Wonderful!

Is it ok to laugh at a racist joke? Is he gay or homosexual? What’s it like to be in a wheelchair? What is intersectionality? Do you know what the discrimination factors are according to Swedish law, and what theymean?

This is a lecture with some difficult words, some law, some history, and quite a few current social issues. Diversity is difficult but wonderful, and it’s also profitable, according to the experiences of major companies. This lecture is a good way to start internal diversity work. Most diverse of all is perhaps the definition of the word diversity itself. How can you make a difference? What do we mean by the word “diversity,” and above all, if diversity is so important, how should we approach it?

This lecture is based on the Swedish Discrimination law, questions about how we treat each other and the use of difficult words. Forexample, what is power, ethnicity, LGBT, equality and gender equality? To get a grip on these issues, we use an intersectional, legalistic perspective and we provide examples of norm-critical thinking and approaches. What roles do you play, and what roles do others expect of you?

This lecture can be expanded to a full day course.

Sometimes we do this lecture with a strong focus on gender and sex, and call it “Gender Equality in 90 minutes - is it possible?”

Charlotte Signahl

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